Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Warren Pohatu

Warren Pohatu is an artists that does artworks. We were inspired by his artworks so we thought that we would do the same as he did.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Do you want to make Pancakes?

Do you like Pancakes? Well I know I do, Every Sunday my Family and I make Yummy Pancakes. Wanna know how to make Basic Pancakes? This is the ingredients that you will be needing. 

1 cup of all purpose flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon or a sprinkled of salt
1 egg that has been beaten up
1 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Topping ingredients (if wanted)
Bacon Strips
Golden Syrup
Melted Chocolate
Ice cream or wiped cream

Once you have all of these ingredients this is what you will need to do.
1. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Make a well in the center, and pour in milk, egg and oil. Mix until smooth and nice. 

2. Heat a your frying pan over medium high heat or at 6. Scoop or pour the batter onto the pan, using 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot. 

3. Then you can put whatever toppings you would 👍.

Once you have finished cooking and topping your Pancakes you can now enjoy your Pancakes!

Doing Tapa's

Do you know what a Tapa is? Well for term 4 we are doing art, and my class are doing Tapas. Tapas cloths are traditional artwork that Tongan's design. One of our teachers (Miss Paget) thought that we should make some Tapas of our own. 

We first started off with a brown paper bag and we then looked at a site that had Tongan and Samoan design. So I got a pencil and started drawing some Tonga patterns. I finally finished drawing my designs and got some crayons and started to draw over the pencil. Once I had finished coloring in my designs It got stamped to the wall.

Once we were all finished they all got stamped on the wall once we were done. Here's my own Tapa.

Updated News - Ebola!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Visiting The Auckland Museum

The day after the long weekends the year 7's went on a trip to The Auckland Museum. Also, the year 8's went on their camp, so we were the role models for the week. So we all sat down in the street and the teachers called out what group we were in. Some parents came to volunteer, my Mum Shatna, Shannon, Vili, Barbara, Tamati, Sueanna and Stacey. In my group was Rave, Nikita, Moses, Faaiua, me and my Mum.

The two buses arrived and we went off to the Museum. Finally we arrived at the Auckland Museum. With excitement I was so happy that I couldn't wait until we could enter the museum. So I settled down and we sat down in the museum on the floor. Then we went up these stairs and went into the kai room. Then we left our bag in the cages.

So we ate about 10 - 15 minutes. We all went in our groups and our task was to each take photo's of all types of Art for 40 - 45 minutes. I had the camera first and I went into the Maori section of Art. We had to draw designs that were Maori, Pacific, Asia and more. So we all tried to stay up as a group but things happened differently and we all splitted up. I finished taking my photos and Rave started hers.

Then we all went back to the place we sat down and for a change we didn't eat in the kai room. While we were eating I heard that we weren't going to finish our tour around the Museum we were going to the Auckland Domain, outside the Museum. So again we had a task and the task was to follow the instructions on a piece of paper.

So Moses hogged the camera and started to look around and take photos. After that we had taken all the photos that we needed to and then boringly we waited for our bus to come back. The bus finally arrived and I was thanked. Here are some photos that we took.

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Avatar!!!

All of the students in my class are drawing their avatar. The point is they have to draw what colour house they are in. I am in Matatua as you already know and that represents my house colour. Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Hi, Pewdiepie-Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg my Idol has the most subscribers on Youtube. Felix is Swedish and he plays all sorts of games like horror and action games. He is the definition of Comedy. He also has 30.5 million subcsribers!

He has a girlfriend named Marzia Bisognin she has a Youtube account as well. Marzia Bisognin she is Italian and she has about 3.5 million subscribers. 

Now Bro Fist!

Nicki Minaj

Hi, as you know Nicki Minaj brang out a new song called Anaconda. The song is cool to dance to in the clean version but the video is disturbing. Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" has broken the record for the most views in 24 hours!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reading Explorers of the Sunrise

Explorers of the Sunrise


ancestors - Ancestors means your family before you

navigate - It means to sail on the ocean or the open

voyage - To travel on a long journey on the sea

archaeology - Its about human history

horizon - Its the earth’s surface and the sky join together

What is the article about?
It is all about a waka travelling along the ocean. It also took ten months to travel and the crew used traditional navigation methods all the way. Polynesian people whose ancestors voyaged eastwards from their homeland about 3000 years ago. Rapanui is a very small island and it sits alone in the ocean.

There are different names for this homeland but the common name is Hawaiki. They remember Hawaiki as a place of heroes. These islands were settled about 2000 years ago years ago. While travelling they only got a little sleep. The canoes were over 22 meters in length. Strong crossbeams joined the two hulls. The wind and the sea are very powerful, so the canoes had to be as strong as possible. No knew why the Polynesians started voyaging. Somewhere may have been seeking mana.

Where was the journey to?  Find a map online and draw the journey they took.
Screenshot 2014-08-28 at 8.19.58 PM.png
What did they use to navigate their way around?  What technology do we use now to help us navigate? A compass and now map

Look at the subheadings in the article and summarise the main idea in each subheading.

From the information in the article.  Use google draw and draw the waka.  Use the vocabulary in the article and label the diagram.

File this in your writing folder.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Kiwi Sport Football

For the last couple of weeks class 5 have been going to football. A lady named Sophia she is from Argentina and she teaches us some football techniques and skills. Every Monday we go to the court to play Football. We learnt some skills like dribbling and more, that way we can learn better at our kicking techniques.

Today was our last day and all groups were playing against each other. Our class were split up into groups as in country. There were Mexico my group, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica and more. We used our skills to kick the ball

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sarah Potts Death

                                                                Sarah Potts Death

On Short land Street there is no longer going to be Sarah acting. She died on a programme. She had a very
deadly virus and died. Everyone in her family are praying the best for her and wish her all the best. But now everyone has forgotten about her.

Robin Williams Death

        Robin Williams Death

People all around the world are devastated about Robin Williams death. The famous american actor and comedian died at the age of 63. He was in depression and went to rehab and also committed suicide. Robin also said he wanted a quick death. He played in 44 films. He was a father of four and had a wife called Susan Schneider. R.i.p.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

This morning all of our school went to assembly. Our topic for the term is Game On, all of the teachers has an item. Mr Jacobson told us and showed us two videos some were played in slow motion. On the stage was Miss Tito riding on a bike but the bike had the break in the front of the bike.

Team 1, they first played a video. The video was all about Commonwealth game. The teachers in team 1 were representing their country. So they were racing each other, even in different sports. Then the queen came along and told then some stuff about the Commonwealth games.

Meanwhile it was team 2 turn, they first did netball and they were participating in their team, Then they weren't in there groups. Since they were in the Commonwealth games they played all different sports. Like Javelin, Running, and Shot Put. Also Miss Mackendly a teacher has came back from years ago.

Then team 3 were doing sculptures out of mash potato. Miss Lavakula was too pretty to touch it or even make a sculpture. But one teacher got disqualified. Then they moved on to Shot Put and Miss Lavakula and Miss Ouano were too focused on the hands and they’re nails.

Then team it was time for team 4. They first played a movie about girls doing gymnastics. The team 4 teachers came up and did their moves and competed in Commonwealth games. They were all being a gymnast they had ribbons and hula hoops they also were trying to do the split. In real life I don't think they will get in Commonwealth games.

Team 5 played a movie, most of those teachers went to different countries. Miss Nua went to Spain to find out what they country does for a life. Miss Clark went to New York and found out lots of information that they do, and she saw Kim Kardashian and took a photo of her. Miss Quires went to Peru to find out that they play lots of Soccer/Football. Miss Tito went to Samoa just to visit the beautiful island and found out stuff about Samoa.

Future Aspiration

This morning all seniors went to the street/class 1 and some special visitors were coming named, Jason, Alfred, Arizona, and Andrew. The Visitor arrived while we were singing Mihi Marae with Shane playing the guitar. A man named Andrew introduced himself to us and he told us what he does in a everyday life. He told us that he was going to America in a week with 12 students from Tamaki College, They are visiting Google, Apple, Microsoft, and lots more..

After everyone's speech there was a particular girl that I was inspired named Arizona Legar. she told us what her Aspiration was. She was just a typical girl that chats all the time., she always got told off by the teacher. She got put at one of the leaders but she didn’t know why? She asked her teacher and her teacher told her that she talks a lot. Then she moved schools and she got put as another leader. Once again she asked the teacher why, because you talk lots. Then she told us the quotes numbers.

1 tahi do your mahi, do your work, 2 lua today you are you, that is truer than true there is no one is alive that is youer than you. 3 to sun. 4 break down the door. 5 strive to stay alive. Then after they all stopped talking and we all left some group of girls went to ask Arizona some questions.

I think that it helped me I think that now I should stop following my friends and do I want to do and meant to do. Now I understand that if you don't want to go with your friends you can enjoy what you want.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Class 5 Swimming


Class 5 went down to the pools, starting from tuesday to friday. When we arrived at the pools we all got dressed into our togs and we had a quick rinse. I saw the amount of how many people that were swimming there were 11 people. After all that 2 people went at a time and started our training to get into a group. We all did backstrokes and free style. We all got put into groups.

The next 2 days later we got into our groups and started doing our lessons but since Miss Paget wasn’t here we had a reliever Miss Gamarlee. We did backstrokes and relays. We started using our board and do strokes. Then we did side strokes and streamlines. Then we went got dressed and went off.

Finally the last day of swimming I thought. We got changed and we were getting trained by a swimming instructor. We were doing lots of different things like backstrokes, relays, streamlines, and using our boards but no diving or bombing. We were swimming with our arms behind our ears but using a board, but the instructor said no breathing. But how ever we didn’t get enough time to have freestyles.

AFL Class 5


Two weeks ago class five and I were going to AFL. AFL is a sport named the, Australian Football League. When we first started going to AFL we started practising the drop punt. But make sure you keep the laces away from faces. So you have the ball placed in your hands and you put the laces part of the ball facing your way and kick it. Really easy.

Yesterday, Wed, June 19

We went again to AFL and we first started off with a warm up. So what we did was we got a partner and there were spider man and batman, I was in the batman group. I got a ball and my partner had to run away before I hit her with the ball, but doing the hand pump. It was hard

Plant & Food Research Science Visit

Three people from Plant & Food Research named Jacob, Laura, and Lara came to Pt England School to do some science. What they do for a living is science obviously, they look and test fruit and veggies to make sure it’s not sour but sweet. They all had to go to university and learn more ways find new stuff, earthquake's just to make us safe everyday.

First experiment they showed us cabbage that had been dissolved then it turned purple. What if you can mix some green stuff with the purple cabbage. They asked if you mix it would you get a green or red color. It turned out to red because Purple + Green = Red.
Eventually it was a acid.

Meanwhile they pulled out dry ice. But they had where gloves for protection because if you touch it with your hands you will probably burn you’ll hands off. They got some room temperature water into a bowl and put some dry ice into it. It was like a white volcano erupting but it was foam. Soon they got some dish washing liquid and put the dry ice in. It was erupting with bubbles now it was bubbles.

The very last experiment was a solid and liquid. They got some and mixed it with the color green dye and some stuff that looked like milk. Mixed it all and then the knife came up with lumpy gruesome stuff and who ever had a question gets some. They started throwing it at people, and not directly at the face but at them.

After all of the cool experiments they had some more questions that means more lumpy stuff for them. After all the cool things that were going on we ask what made them get into Science. They said that they got interested into science because their friends. Then after all the cool experiments they went.

MADD Messenger

Over the last couple of weeks some girls, only girls have been going to this place called MADD Messenger. What they do is teach girls to change their lives and be yourself. Ohhh I forgot to tell you their names, Caroline. She is the laddie that teaches us to be us. This is the quote they told us, You can only do you, Your unique.

We have only had 7 or 6 week at MADD. Lots of girls tell them about what they do for their life. They talk about our own talent like the 7 smarts, doing smart, maths smart, writing smart. My smart is Math Smart.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

Science Roadshow

                                       Science Roadshow

This morning class 5, class 2 all went to the Science Roadshow at TC. When we arrived at Tamaki College there was a man named Shaun who introduced himself and told us to come in. When we got into the hall there was lots of experiments to play with. So we all sat down and Anna and a man was explaining about oxygen.

When they were finished showing us some stuff we went to go check out the cool things that they had. They had liquids, wood material, lots of stuff. But what I was really surprised that they had illusions. I could see myself in the reflection and Ofa and she was on the other side of the mirror.

Then the other school came and ruined everything. So the last thing that they showed us was blowing up a balloon and it was loud i was like “OMG that is so loud” said me. But that wasn't the biggest there was a red balloon that had 100% of oxygen, it was like a bomb well not really bombs are worse. After that we left the other school OTL.

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Goals For This Term

 My goals for this term is to: This term is to start to do my stuff and finish off all of my assignments. Listening to the teacher. Also getting good at my goals. Getting better at my writing and reading and my maths.

The Holidays

It was a Saturday night and most of my family were going to Night Rides at Rainbows End. We arrived at Rainbows End and there were hundreds and thousands of people there. It was 30$ to get in and there was a very long line and the rides were free. While my family and I were waiting in a line I had a little peak and there were lots of lollies and ice creams. We all got given 50 dollars each so we had 20 dollars left to buy some lollies.

All of the rides were getting tipped over and glowing.



This morning we went to the hall to go play Badminton. Our instructor, Robbie was teaching us how to play Badminton. But first we had a 5 minute warm up. We played stuck in the mud. After all that we were learning how to hold the racket then we started playing with the bat and a shuttle.

Then we had to pair up with a partner, my partner was Ofa. We were missing how many times because we were hitting the shuttle with the end of the racket. Then Robbie told all of us that we weren't aloud to drop the shuttle but we tried and we didn’t win.

Badminton is a sport that is just like Tennis but you hit the rack with a shuttlecock. But to play Tennis you use the racket to hit a ball. Badminton is a very popular sport all around the world.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sound Experiment's

Today our class was all playing lot of music experiments. But what I learnt the High pitch and The Low pitch. See if you pull the tuning back and forwards it will get high and low. Then press the replay button and pull the handle dry and make it sound the same. What it is really about is Sound Experiment's.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

School just started and I really like school. Anyways we had an immersion assembly and there were 5 teams. Team 1 was all about the zoo. All team 1 are going to the zoo tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain just on the day when they go to the zoo.

Team 2 are learning about flight. This is the list of names, Air balloons, Air Plane, Jets, and Helicopters. One of our teachers created their own plane made out of cardboard and it was flying everywhere and hitting the teachers. That was funny to watch.

Team three they were doing colours, colourful colours. Blue, Red, Green, Black, White, Purple, and Pink. Mrs Barks was talking about how the rainbow comes. It reflects to the color green but if there is a colour that is green it won’t turn into a rainbow. But how ever if there is White then it creates a rainbow.

Team 4 was all about Fishing and boats and yachts and those things but they were handing out chocolate fishes yuck. Because hard chocolate with soft marshmallow. But they first played a video and then we answer the question that got given to the entire school.

Team 5 my team were doing music? I'm not so sure about that one. But they were playing music and that looked very fun to play with instruments that they made. It was very interesting to watch them. I felt like just taking there instruments and playing them.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Fia Fia Night

                  Fia Fia Night

Once I heard my group getting called up, my heart was beating so fast that butterflies were coming. When I heard the music going I literally ran anywhere. When thousands of people were looking I wish didn’t come. But while I was dancing I actually felt calmer, because I heard no put downs, well I couldn’t hear anyways. So I danced my hardest, well tried. Then I heard the music stop yahh! no more dancing.

While I was walking through the crowd lots of people were cheering for the Snr Hip Hop. I heard my Aunt calling my name so she came over just to say “Well done your performance was amazing” I told my Aunt that “Can you plz not, I don’t like compliments because I’m low self a steam. I only like it from my friends because their true”.

I smelt something coming from down the end I had 15$ and I really wanted to spend my money. So I went with my Mum to buy 5 candy floss which was 5$. I bought 4 drinks and some chicken curry, and it was all for me. The chicken curry was delicious I felt like scabbing some food off my Mum. After all that I went with my Cousin, Aunt and Sister to Mission Bay.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Empathy Posters

Two weeks ago my class and I were making Empathy Posters.
The reason why we were making Empathy posters, because we were learning about Empathy. Empathy is all about making connections and helping and including people.

We first used some large paper to draw on. Then we make our college, then get our photos that we had sent to our teacher Ms Paget, and she then printed them. I cut them out then I glued the photos to the poster. I colored the blank bits up.

Creating my poster was easy. I had photos like shoes all in a circle,  joining each others. Putting your feet into someone elses shoes is gross, even I wouldn’t, but thats empathy.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Science With Mr Barks

Last week and this week Mr Barks has been teaching class 5 some science. We learnt lots for doing some safe stuff, boring. When you pour some vinegar into a bottle half way the bottle is actually full because of the gas. Thats what I learnt from Mr Barks.

I like science with Mr Barks because you can learn lots of things when you’re getting learnt. I found out lots of things when Mr Barks was teaching. We did lots of things that could have been dangerous.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why Houses Have Windows

1st reason

The reason why people have windows in their house because if there is a fire going on and your door is covered with fire and you're trapped you can either jump out the window or burn to death.

2nd reason

If there were no windows in your house and your boiling hot you can open the door up or have windows and open them. You can have a nice breeze coming to you.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Maths DLO

Going to Tec

This morning the year 7's and 8's went to Tamaki Collage to go to tec. Every week we go to tec but only on tuesdays. So every month we switch groups there are three groups i'm in graphics. Our teacher is Mr Pineda he teaches us lots of things about lines. Next month I can't wait to switch groups. Well i'm finished bye.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Prepared for School

Getting Prepared for School I wake up in the morning and I look directly at my clock to see what the time is, I also double check just in case my eyes are wrong. Then I clean my face, don’t worry I don’t dribble I actually try to get my sleep off. Then I get changed into my uniform. Then I brush my hair and I have my breakfast and brush my teeth, then walk to school. Once I pass my street I always see my friend Marama, we walk together until we both get to school. Then I see my other friend Nikki. We both wait until the bell rings because there’s boys that hang just around the corner of my class. When I walk into class I take my shoes off, Then start to do work. It’s morning tea time and I eat my lunch and then go to my friend Nikki. And thats how I get ready for school.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What Waitangi Day Means to me

Going out to Eat

When the sun is setting My family and I will go out to eat at McDonalds. When we arrived at McDonalds My cousin Hunter saw the park in McDonalds and quickly ran to the park. My Mum was ordering our family meal for dinner. My Mum called out Keis, Hunter come on dinner is served. We sat down and started to eat, “Yummy” said Hunter. After eating all that delicious food we had dessert and then wet back home.