Friday, 27 June 2014

Class 5 Swimming


Class 5 went down to the pools, starting from tuesday to friday. When we arrived at the pools we all got dressed into our togs and we had a quick rinse. I saw the amount of how many people that were swimming there were 11 people. After all that 2 people went at a time and started our training to get into a group. We all did backstrokes and free style. We all got put into groups.

The next 2 days later we got into our groups and started doing our lessons but since Miss Paget wasn’t here we had a reliever Miss Gamarlee. We did backstrokes and relays. We started using our board and do strokes. Then we did side strokes and streamlines. Then we went got dressed and went off.

Finally the last day of swimming I thought. We got changed and we were getting trained by a swimming instructor. We were doing lots of different things like backstrokes, relays, streamlines, and using our boards but no diving or bombing. We were swimming with our arms behind our ears but using a board, but the instructor said no breathing. But how ever we didn’t get enough time to have freestyles.

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J Paget said...

Keis you need to revise and edit your writing before you publish it. You are missing some capital letters for proper nouns in your writing. Go back and edit this piece of writing.

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