Friday, 27 June 2014

Plant & Food Research Science Visit

Three people from Plant & Food Research named Jacob, Laura, and Lara came to Pt England School to do some science. What they do for a living is science obviously, they look and test fruit and veggies to make sure it’s not sour but sweet. They all had to go to university and learn more ways find new stuff, earthquake's just to make us safe everyday.

First experiment they showed us cabbage that had been dissolved then it turned purple. What if you can mix some green stuff with the purple cabbage. They asked if you mix it would you get a green or red color. It turned out to red because Purple + Green = Red.
Eventually it was a acid.

Meanwhile they pulled out dry ice. But they had where gloves for protection because if you touch it with your hands you will probably burn you’ll hands off. They got some room temperature water into a bowl and put some dry ice into it. It was like a white volcano erupting but it was foam. Soon they got some dish washing liquid and put the dry ice in. It was erupting with bubbles now it was bubbles.

The very last experiment was a solid and liquid. They got some and mixed it with the color green dye and some stuff that looked like milk. Mixed it all and then the knife came up with lumpy gruesome stuff and who ever had a question gets some. They started throwing it at people, and not directly at the face but at them.

After all of the cool experiments they had some more questions that means more lumpy stuff for them. After all the cool things that were going on we ask what made them get into Science. They said that they got interested into science because their friends. Then after all the cool experiments they went.

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