Thursday, 22 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

        Immersion Assembly

Waking up energetically, I suddenly remembered it was the first day of school. Travelling to school I wondered what the topic was going to be for this term. I was very curious, so I started running. I finally arrived at school and we were all lining up to go to our immersion assembly.

Our topic for the term is ‘Survior’. Team 5 teachers did a skit. They had a competition, who can eat all their noodles with chopsticks. Mr Wiseman yelled out “3,2,1 GO!!!” The team 5 teachers were all shoving the noodles in their face. But what they didn’t notice was Miss Clark eating away, She ate all her noodles in 20-30 seconds.

Miss Clark won because she had already adapted this skill when she was 5. At the age of 5 is when she started using chopsticks, which is very impressive!

The other teachers didn’t even know how to use the chopsticks. Miss Peato said that her culture doesn't eat with sticks, they eat with their own hands. Miss In5[]grim said that she doesn’t use chopsticks at all, and that they use a fork to eat with.

A Time Something Went Missing

From this day on, I still haven’t found my missing clothing that I had lost in the city. Wanna know how I had lost my brand new clothes? Well, it all started off when my mum and I were going into the city to go shopping. We both had woken up early, knowing there would be traffic.

Firstly, I literally jumped in the car because I was full of excitement. We drove into the city, looking for a mall we could shop at. It was so loud I could overhear someone else’s conversation and I could barely hear my mum talking to me.

Then… I finally saw a free parking spot, I yelled out to my mum “Mum! Quick over there!” She then saw the free parking spot I tried telling her. My eyes glittered up as I was staring at the tall buildings. I tried looking for a children’s store. Finally, I had found A store where they sold clothing for children. We then walked out of the store with our hands full.

I remembered carrying something quite hefty. Looking down at my hand to see what I was carrying was no longer in my sight. So I blatantly asked my mum “Mum, where are my clothing?!” “I thought you were carrying then?” she said “Yes, I was, but...” I said.

After that, we went back to the stores we had recently been to, to find that they had not seen any of our lost items. My mum and I tried searching around, but we eventually gave up.

This made me feel furious/irritated. I felt like crying because I was prepared for this day and I only had the items for less than an-hour.