Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Time Something Went Missing

From this day on, I still haven’t found my missing clothing that I had lost in the city. Wanna know how I had lost my brand new clothes? Well, it all started off when my mum and I were going into the city to go shopping. We both had woken up early, knowing there would be traffic.

Firstly, I literally jumped in the car because I was full of excitement. We drove into the city, looking for a mall we could shop at. It was so loud I could overhear someone else’s conversation and I could barely hear my mum talking to me.

Then… I finally saw a free parking spot, I yelled out to my mum “Mum! Quick over there!” She then saw the free parking spot I tried telling her. My eyes glittered up as I was staring at the tall buildings. I tried looking for a children’s store. Finally, I had found A store where they sold clothing for children. We then walked out of the store with our hands full.

I remembered carrying something quite hefty. Looking down at my hand to see what I was carrying was no longer in my sight. So I blatantly asked my mum “Mum, where are my clothing?!” “I thought you were carrying then?” she said “Yes, I was, but...” I said.

After that, we went back to the stores we had recently been to, to find that they had not seen any of our lost items. My mum and I tried searching around, but we eventually gave up.

This made me feel furious/irritated. I felt like crying because I was prepared for this day and I only had the items for less than an-hour.

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