Thursday, 27 September 2012

Going to Pt England reseve

Last week my Cousin and I went to Pt England reserve. We went for a  little swim and dive and when I dived I went straight down into the water. After that we went for a little walk and we went searching for crabs.

When I found a crab it nipped me and I had a big scratch. It was bleeding faster and faster dripping it went. Ahh!!! the pain would not go away I shouted.

Luckily my cousin had a plaster in her bag. I was lucky it didn’t get bigger. I felt better when the plaster was on the pain was gone away.

I felt so much better when I went home I was lucky I didn’t hurt again.

Last week my friends and I went Pt England when it is very hot so my friends and I were going on a holiday.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Paralympics Events

Yesterday room Fifteen went out to the courts, my buddy was Broneq and we were playing a game to show how people are like in the paralympics. We had to run almost near the end but there was a little twist. In the game we had to run with one hand tucked in and one hand out. When I was running I ran so slow Sarah could have beaten me. At the end we had to swap it all around and go again I was going crazy.

After that game we were throwing a ball first we threw the ball normal I threw it, it whooshed along in the firm wind. Mr Marks said swap your hands and make sure one of your hands is tucked in. As I threw the ball it went so far I shouted "yeah!!!" When we had to swap our hands I said "no" I thought it was a bad idea. When I let go of my ball it went flying off into the wind.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

200 meter race

Some people go to the olympics if they have one leg or no arms. If you’re doing the 200 meter race you have to wear springs. There was a man who was from Brazil and he won the 200 meter race.