Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Prince Charming came to Barkersfield to Brooklyn. 2 years later they both get married and live happy ever after. and died

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs. Horse and Her Seven Horses

Once upon a time there lived a horse and her cheeky little seven horses. They were all playing around in the house. There was a kid that was the most brainiest and the most baddest of all it was Riley. Mum said to all of the kids “Hey kids remember do not open the door to the big bad hungry wolf ok!” “What if it is our grandma” said the smallest, Mum said “Still don’t open
the door.” “Good bye kids” said mum.

The big bad hungry wolf heard all of what they said. “I’m going to eat them all up” said the wolf. Nocks on the door. “Hello? kids it’s me your mother.” said the wolf. No said Riley “It’s you the hungry wolf.” “Mother Horse doesn't have ugly chooky voice.” So the bad wolf went off to go to the singing area. And he said teach me how to sing or I will eat your face and your other body parts alive.

He came back to the house and said it is me your mother in a high voice “Wait then if it is you then show me your arm.” said Riley and then he rushed back to the arm shop and hurry up and do my arm and then he said or else ill kill you. he rushed back to house and he showed his arm to the kids and then they said show us your tail said riley the smallest and badest. Then the wolf showed out his tail and was black and all heary.

Then the bad wolf went off to change his tail and guess what? he went to the dentist what the. He finally changed his color of his tail and how it is. then he went back and then he tricked all of them. END

Monday, 9 September 2013


Have you ever wondered of being a singer or a dancer?
Type YES for all singers or dancers that you like?

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