Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Prepared for School

Getting Prepared for School I wake up in the morning and I look directly at my clock to see what the time is, I also double check just in case my eyes are wrong. Then I clean my face, don’t worry I don’t dribble I actually try to get my sleep off. Then I get changed into my uniform. Then I brush my hair and I have my breakfast and brush my teeth, then walk to school. Once I pass my street I always see my friend Marama, we walk together until we both get to school. Then I see my other friend Nikki. We both wait until the bell rings because there’s boys that hang just around the corner of my class. When I walk into class I take my shoes off, Then start to do work. It’s morning tea time and I eat my lunch and then go to my friend Nikki. And thats how I get ready for school.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What Waitangi Day Means to me

Going out to Eat

When the sun is setting My family and I will go out to eat at McDonalds. When we arrived at McDonalds My cousin Hunter saw the park in McDonalds and quickly ran to the park. My Mum was ordering our family meal for dinner. My Mum called out Keis, Hunter come on dinner is served. We sat down and started to eat, “Yummy” said Hunter. After eating all that delicious food we had dessert and then wet back home.