Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Fav Holidays

This holidays I have been spending my time with Shirquera my BFF and Enya. We have been spending time together because Shirquera and Enya is leaving to hastings. I have 2 weeks to spend time with them and thats lots of time. When Shirquera told that she was leaving to hastings I was devastated. I was waiting for the time when Shirquera was leaving. But Shirquera said to me i’m not leaving yet silly. Shirquera said I’m leaving on July the 20th.

We went to a cool swimming pools we were swimming for 4 hours our skin was wrinkly and we looked old. The spa was open but we can not go in the spa. The sign says kids are not aloud but over sixteen are aloud. But we disobeyed the rules and we swam as fast as we could to get enough time in the pool. We went underneath the side of the rock we could

going to Ava's House

In the holidays my mum and I went to Ava’s mums house. Ava and I we were going to the park to play. While we were playing we were laughing and laughing because Korobea fell off his bike.
We were playing on the skate board. We were having turns each playing on the skate board.
But then we saw big muscley men coming towards the park. So I said to Ava come on Ava or else you might get beaten up. Ok Ava said but we stopped and saw some kids with the creepey man. Later on Me and Ava went up town with my mum. And we brought some chicken and chips and a fizzey drink.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Highlight Of Reading

My highlight of reading is making funny and cool DLOs (Digital Learning Object). We have to make DLOs about our read that we have red about. And our DLO is all about Antarctica and Antarctic animals. My funnist one is the one that I made with Rave and Christian.

Click Here for my DLO

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Keis Antarctica

This is a movie all about penguins. I have created my own music from GarageBand. I have used some images to create my animation work. PLZ leave some feedback :) BYE

Never Come Back Out

Never Coming Back Out

Start Writing Here:
One day I daydreamed that I saw something exciting it was the longest and most horofing thing ever. It was a ANACONDO!!! A girl named lucy from Panama School. She told me a story about her dad travelling all around the world. Her dad was a traveler and he did lots of crazy stuff and scary stuff. Her dad traveled to africa and australia. Just to see the anaconda if they go there they might never come back out of the woods. Lucy’s dad Crazy John
told lucy a story about his father never coming back.

My Dad Stupid Johnny was traveling and traveling all around the world and the mainly place that he went was Africa with his son. They went in the woods and they past the sign John aks
dad should we be past this place No said dad but but but. And then there was one more sign
it said NO TRESSPASSING PLZ or :/. Dad said neh I don't care I want to see the Anaconda. The little boy was scared :’( Dad are we going to die NO we are NOT!!! Screams AHH help me it’s going to eat me up BUBBLES. :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock, Paper Scissors

 K Keis k Alarzae
Im Blue and Alarzae is red. Shirquera was the point counter. We both have the same points we had 18 and 18. I was going to be the winner but Alarzae had already 18 :(

Minecraft :P

Guess What I Do Ballet ?

                                              Guess What I Do Ballet ?

I do ballet it is so cool & good for your body. I started doing my ballet last Saturday it was the best day ever. Before we do
our ballet we have to run side to side. It was tiring and it cool.
My teacher Miss Gloria says 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and finish.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Antarctica :)

My Fav Things

Yummy Candy

This is a candy shop and it has a lot of candy in it.:) YUMmy

Going to the warriors

Yesterday in the afternoon my brother and aunt an I we went to the warriors game. We brought some chocolate for the game. We arrived and it was packed. We heard yelling and screaming go the warriors
the warriors had already scored some try's. My brother was yelling lets go warriors lets go and at the back of us was these mean following my brother. Me and my aunty didn't no the rules but we cheered
for the warriors lets go warriors lets go.

It was half time and this was the time when we could go out of the game and do something. We brought some hot dogs and waited until the break was over. When the game started we all said what's
going on here what do we do now. My brother Rayden said all we do now is watch the game and wait until the game is finish it was 15 minutes past and I getting bored already but we still cheered while the game cared on and the game was finally finished yeah boy.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton Trip

On Monday the 1st of july the year 5's and six's All went to Kelly Tarltons. We have been learning about Antarctica and the antarctic animals. We had to go to school before 8:30 before the bus arrives. The first thing we did when we arrived was to go into the room where it had some costumes and a massive turtle shell. I young boy raised his hand to help what people were in Antarctica. What people will where in Antarctica is a lot of clothes. Just as some big pants, a big jumper, and some gloves, with some big warm and comfortable shoes. It took about an hour and thirty minutes for the to finish. FINALLY it's finish.

Room 16 and 13 came to go to the akaho park up the road. We had our morning tea but some had already gone off to play. We stayed there for about an hour. We were finally going I'm not patient. As we arrived we entered the start. We saw a machine that works at in Antarctica and anywhere else in snowy parts. We finally arrived at the place that I wanted to go it was where all of the penguins were. There is a lot of information about the King Penguin and also the Gentoo Penguin. I wanted to take lots of pictures so I can do more writing. Yeah!!! boy.

Were finally passing the penguins we entered where the all of the fish's are. They were big and ugly. But we saw something more exciting.It was a stingray There were three of them and they were bigger than Mr S. When we saw the escalator it was moving so slow my nan can even be faster that then it. We could take our netbooks out and take some pictures. We saw all sorts of fish, We saw a shark and more ugly fishes we went around the tank twice. The visitors were in our way so we got a head start in front of them. Where finish the Kelly Tarltons Travelling. Maybe i'll come here next year.

Thanks Shirquera for editing my work :)