Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Going to the warriors

Yesterday in the afternoon my brother and aunt an I we went to the warriors game. We brought some chocolate for the game. We arrived and it was packed. We heard yelling and screaming go the warriors
the warriors had already scored some try's. My brother was yelling lets go warriors lets go and at the back of us was these mean following my brother. Me and my aunty didn't no the rules but we cheered
for the warriors lets go warriors lets go.

It was half time and this was the time when we could go out of the game and do something. We brought some hot dogs and waited until the break was over. When the game started we all said what's
going on here what do we do now. My brother Rayden said all we do now is watch the game and wait until the game is finish it was 15 minutes past and I getting bored already but we still cheered while the game cared on and the game was finally finished yeah boy.

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