Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Fav Holidays

This holidays I have been spending my time with Shirquera my BFF and Enya. We have been spending time together because Shirquera and Enya is leaving to hastings. I have 2 weeks to spend time with them and thats lots of time. When Shirquera told that she was leaving to hastings I was devastated. I was waiting for the time when Shirquera was leaving. But Shirquera said to me i’m not leaving yet silly. Shirquera said I’m leaving on July the 20th.

We went to a cool swimming pools we were swimming for 4 hours our skin was wrinkly and we looked old. The spa was open but we can not go in the spa. The sign says kids are not aloud but over sixteen are aloud. But we disobeyed the rules and we swam as fast as we could to get enough time in the pool. We went underneath the side of the rock we could

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