Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Hare VS The Tortoise

One day i’m still thinking about the day when I will finally win the gold medal.
But for a old wrinkly slow tortoise like me I can never beat the Rabbit. He is so fast and long legged and look at me i’m probably 150 years old. I was on the field
eating my grass so slow. I heard something and I said to myself what is that. Oh no it’s Rabbit, Rabbit said to me hey ya rock even though you're slower that a rock. You look like you have a cabbage head and brussel sprout legs. I was to
lazy to answer back so I carried on eating slowly.

Then a fox came out of the bush saying I wouldn't mess with that one if I were you. Why said the Rabbit, Because he is faster that you and he hibernates. Hiber what? Hibernate it means when he sleeps for the whole winter. He can also live up to over 100 years. I wonder why he so slow and old. The fox said hey if you say that you can beat him well then why don’t use have a race. You go over the hill around the bends and over Mt Everest and you should see the finish line.

On your marks get set GO!!! the tortoise was walking but the Rabbit was speeding like a pro. While the lazy tortoise was walking so slow. The Rabbit was nearly at Mt Everest the Rabbit started to breath in and out. In out in out. Wohh
I can still beat him. But then Rabbit saw something that looked like a rock what is that. The Tortoise was trying to blend in with all of the rocks on Mt Everest. Tortoise saw the finish line but Rabbit was still waiting for him to pass by. Rabbit said WOW He is slower than a rock. When he arrived he saw the gold medal go up and the Tortoise WON. Rabbit said NOOOOOO!!!


                                                              THE END

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Miss Lavakula said...

Great writing Keis. I thought that was very clever Tortoise disguised himself as a rock. It made me laugh but at the same time feel sorry for rabbit. Keep up the good work.

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