Monday, 5 August 2013

The Exhausted Week of mine

In the weekends I felt exhausted of all that hard work at school. I was miserable and all the misery I have been through this whole week. Later that exhausted day I had a nice hot chocolate but then I made me more exhausted. Than it was finally Sunday and after that horrible miserable Saturday I felt really good and fresh. Now that it is Sunday. My Family and I all went to Waiheke. Now the reason why I went to Waiheke. Is because we have to look after my cousin she's a spoilt little brat.

It was finally nighttime and we headed off back to Auckland. Than on TV was bad teacher that was a movie a bad movie. Than It was 9:30 and The Haunting of Connecticut was on it is a Horror it was based on a true story. And I think that The Haunting of Connecticut was on again tomorrow. Just like the Mama and other Horror's. Well I guess that's it for now Keis Beatty goodbye and goodnight.

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