Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Lost Duckling

There Once lived a mother named Laila. She lived in a mansion because her husband was the richest
man in the world. The next day mother saw her baby’s moving it’s like they're dancing. There was 8 they were all named as. 1 Kailey, 2 Jesse, 3 Shirqueda 4, Shannon, 5 Cailim, 6 Jackson, 7 Bob and lucky last Ofelia. But mother Laila noticed that one egg was different to the others. It was a shiny and golden egg named Ofelia. The next night mother and father whispered, “Look all of our babies are hatching. While they were hatching mother still saw one not hatching doing nothing but staying still. Shirqueda said, “Mama” “Hello.” ,Said dad.

Mother and Father kept the baby Ofelia Safe and all warm. Next morning Shequeda hatched and they saw a different baby. They said, “look”. Ahh! it’s a alien kill it NO!, “Mama.” ”Eww Mother whispered.” Hey ya alien go away they were teasing Shequeda. Shequeda felt like she was in her own world. ET go home so baby Shequeda ignored all our them shut up Shequeda said. Shequeda ran away into the dark woods she had a map NEK MINUTE. It ran back home saying don’t use me. All she saw was a big vicious big bad wolf saying come here don’t we look alike. No and we'll never.

Poor baby Duckling that’s so sad and mean that she can’t find her kind. So then she saw some duck  so she ask them hey do you know what I am. Do ya no where my family is, Yeah! there in dump. Where said babyShequeda. Wait that’s not my family yes. So the me duck’s pushed Ofelia in the dump. OWW! I’m gonna get revenge I will. I won’t. Poor Shequeda. The next morning Shequeda saw
her wings white wow am I a goose I am Hey look a new baby Goose. So all along I have with a family that wasn't even my family. Baby I found u No mum I found u.

So later on Shequeda turned out to find her family and found out that she is a Goose.

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