Thursday, 15 August 2013

Somone Crashed!

It started when my cousin Hunter and I were playing on the park together. Hunter and I were best cousin. It was alright to play at the park alone. Because we lived across the road from the park. Hunter wanted to slide down the slide so I pushed him. While he was playing on the slide I was playing on the monkey bars. I told Hunter, “Look Hunter i’m playing on the monkey bars.” He was laughing I didn’t find it funny but It seemed funny to Hunter.

Later that day we were eating lollies and lots more snacks. I thought that it will be funny to stuff two snake lollies up my nose. Hunter was laughing he clapped his hands it was the first time he clapped. “Go Hunter Clap Clap.” Hunter was about to poo and pee but he holded it in. Never mind he
pooped and peed I changed him It smelt like the dump EW!, “You smell Hunter.” We were eating and chewing and chewing yummy yummy.

When he was eating snacks and I saw a car speeding and the cops were chasing them. A man and a woman were drunk. I quickly grabbed Hunter and ran home as fast as I could. I looked back and the man was about to run over me and Hunter. I was finally home my mum said, “Hurry up come on you can make it.” My other cousin Shaunie Hunters mum rang more cops to chase the bad people. NEK MINUTE they crashed allwell for them.

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