Friday, 23 May 2014

Science Roadshow

                                       Science Roadshow

This morning class 5, class 2 all went to the Science Roadshow at TC. When we arrived at Tamaki College there was a man named Shaun who introduced himself and told us to come in. When we got into the hall there was lots of experiments to play with. So we all sat down and Anna and a man was explaining about oxygen.

When they were finished showing us some stuff we went to go check out the cool things that they had. They had liquids, wood material, lots of stuff. But what I was really surprised that they had illusions. I could see myself in the reflection and Ofa and she was on the other side of the mirror.

Then the other school came and ruined everything. So the last thing that they showed us was blowing up a balloon and it was loud i was like “OMG that is so loud” said me. But that wasn't the biggest there was a red balloon that had 100% of oxygen, it was like a bomb well not really bombs are worse. After that we left the other school OTL.

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Goals For This Term

 My goals for this term is to: This term is to start to do my stuff and finish off all of my assignments. Listening to the teacher. Also getting good at my goals. Getting better at my writing and reading and my maths.

The Holidays

It was a Saturday night and most of my family were going to Night Rides at Rainbows End. We arrived at Rainbows End and there were hundreds and thousands of people there. It was 30$ to get in and there was a very long line and the rides were free. While my family and I were waiting in a line I had a little peak and there were lots of lollies and ice creams. We all got given 50 dollars each so we had 20 dollars left to buy some lollies.

All of the rides were getting tipped over and glowing.



This morning we went to the hall to go play Badminton. Our instructor, Robbie was teaching us how to play Badminton. But first we had a 5 minute warm up. We played stuck in the mud. After all that we were learning how to hold the racket then we started playing with the bat and a shuttle.

Then we had to pair up with a partner, my partner was Ofa. We were missing how many times because we were hitting the shuttle with the end of the racket. Then Robbie told all of us that we weren't aloud to drop the shuttle but we tried and we didn’t win.

Badminton is a sport that is just like Tennis but you hit the rack with a shuttlecock. But to play Tennis you use the racket to hit a ball. Badminton is a very popular sport all around the world.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sound Experiment's

Today our class was all playing lot of music experiments. But what I learnt the High pitch and The Low pitch. See if you pull the tuning back and forwards it will get high and low. Then press the replay button and pull the handle dry and make it sound the same. What it is really about is Sound Experiment's.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

School just started and I really like school. Anyways we had an immersion assembly and there were 5 teams. Team 1 was all about the zoo. All team 1 are going to the zoo tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain just on the day when they go to the zoo.

Team 2 are learning about flight. This is the list of names, Air balloons, Air Plane, Jets, and Helicopters. One of our teachers created their own plane made out of cardboard and it was flying everywhere and hitting the teachers. That was funny to watch.

Team three they were doing colours, colourful colours. Blue, Red, Green, Black, White, Purple, and Pink. Mrs Barks was talking about how the rainbow comes. It reflects to the color green but if there is a colour that is green it won’t turn into a rainbow. But how ever if there is White then it creates a rainbow.

Team 4 was all about Fishing and boats and yachts and those things but they were handing out chocolate fishes yuck. Because hard chocolate with soft marshmallow. But they first played a video and then we answer the question that got given to the entire school.

Team 5 my team were doing music? I'm not so sure about that one. But they were playing music and that looked very fun to play with instruments that they made. It was very interesting to watch them. I felt like just taking there instruments and playing them.