Monday, 25 March 2013

Thursday, 14 March 2013


                                                                CAMP SKATING
On the first day of camp  is skating. Skating is the bes I LOVE it. when i'm going to go on the skate i get nervous some times but im not now.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What I want to do at camp

What do you want to do when you're at camp?
What are you going to do?
How are you going to it?
How it it made or played?

What I want to do at camp is play with my friends and cook. I'd like to be liking the food
and the games. And even the most cooking with the teachers and friends. and jumping to

the other island and sleeping with my buddies. I wish me shirquera, nikki, and christian would all be in the same group.

I hope that we get milo Mmmm MILO Yummy milo I would have been better if we
had marshmallows in it. and after a good camp we go home.

Captain Krusty Keis

Title: Captain Crusty Keis

Once upon a time there was a Smelly, ugly, scary, crazy and funny girl. She lived in Hawaii and her name is Captain Crusty Keis. She got her name from her father because he was a captain with captain james cook and he was crusty and he just added his name on. She was smelly like a oga and ugly just like the girl on scary maze.

She was so crazy she ate her sock and she talks to the seven seas. She was funny like a joke two days later she went to a village. She said to little boy that movie is rated arr hahaha she said with a big grin. When she was digging for treasure she found it and she spends it on treasure all the time how crazy is she?

One day she met a girl called Miss’ Somerville she said who are you little miss. Well I am Miss Did I say what's your name no so shh. Can you hear that I think it’s a cannon ball ahh!!! The enemies are coming. So we attack then yay.

Going to music point

Going to music point.
Last friday we went to music point with my sis and cousin. Before going to music point we went to countdown to get some lollies, chips & chocolate. Finally I say we can go when we got there it was a long way to walk.

The stairs were steep I thought I was going to die. But luckily I quickly ran down ahh!!! I ran. but I was too scared so we went back home.