Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton Trip

On Monday the 1st of july the year 5's and six's All went to Kelly Tarltons. We have been learning about Antarctica and the antarctic animals. We had to go to school before 8:30 before the bus arrives. The first thing we did when we arrived was to go into the room where it had some costumes and a massive turtle shell. I young boy raised his hand to help what people were in Antarctica. What people will where in Antarctica is a lot of clothes. Just as some big pants, a big jumper, and some gloves, with some big warm and comfortable shoes. It took about an hour and thirty minutes for the to finish. FINALLY it's finish.

Room 16 and 13 came to go to the akaho park up the road. We had our morning tea but some had already gone off to play. We stayed there for about an hour. We were finally going I'm not patient. As we arrived we entered the start. We saw a machine that works at in Antarctica and anywhere else in snowy parts. We finally arrived at the place that I wanted to go it was where all of the penguins were. There is a lot of information about the King Penguin and also the Gentoo Penguin. I wanted to take lots of pictures so I can do more writing. Yeah!!! boy.

Were finally passing the penguins we entered where the all of the fish's are. They were big and ugly. But we saw something more exciting.It was a stingray There were three of them and they were bigger than Mr S. When we saw the escalator it was moving so slow my nan can even be faster that then it. We could take our netbooks out and take some pictures. We saw all sorts of fish, We saw a shark and more ugly fishes we went around the tank twice. The visitors were in our way so we got a head start in front of them. Where finish the Kelly Tarltons Travelling. Maybe i'll come here next year.

Thanks Shirquera for editing my work :)

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