Thursday, 11 July 2013

Never Come Back Out

Never Coming Back Out

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One day I daydreamed that I saw something exciting it was the longest and most horofing thing ever. It was a ANACONDO!!! A girl named lucy from Panama School. She told me a story about her dad travelling all around the world. Her dad was a traveler and he did lots of crazy stuff and scary stuff. Her dad traveled to africa and australia. Just to see the anaconda if they go there they might never come back out of the woods. Lucy’s dad Crazy John
told lucy a story about his father never coming back.

My Dad Stupid Johnny was traveling and traveling all around the world and the mainly place that he went was Africa with his son. They went in the woods and they past the sign John aks
dad should we be past this place No said dad but but but. And then there was one more sign
it said NO TRESSPASSING PLZ or :/. Dad said neh I don't care I want to see the Anaconda. The little boy was scared :’( Dad are we going to die NO we are NOT!!! Screams AHH help me it’s going to eat me up BUBBLES. :)

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