Thursday, 27 September 2012

Going to Pt England reseve

Last week my Cousin and I went to Pt England reserve. We went for a  little swim and dive and when I dived I went straight down into the water. After that we went for a little walk and we went searching for crabs.

When I found a crab it nipped me and I had a big scratch. It was bleeding faster and faster dripping it went. Ahh!!! the pain would not go away I shouted.

Luckily my cousin had a plaster in her bag. I was lucky it didn’t get bigger. I felt better when the plaster was on the pain was gone away.

I felt so much better when I went home I was lucky I didn’t hurt again.

Last week my friends and I went Pt England when it is very hot so my friends and I were going on a holiday.

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