Friday, 19 October 2012

The Robber

Jason went to go and pick up his friends so they could go to the shops together to buy two packets of lollies, fizzy. Jason had a phone just in case something happened. At the GI shops Jason didn't have enough money so he ask his friends for some money. His friend gave him enough money to buy the lollies and fizzy.

But when Jason walked inside of the shops he heard a noise. There was a robber the robber told everyone to get down and they listened to him because the robber had a gun.
Jason remembered that he had a phone so he called 111. When they heard who it was they came right over.

The police were finally here. Jason was so happy but it was the same robber that had robbed Pt England shops and they didn't catch because they were too slow.
Three months later they saw him again and they caught him YEAH!!! They took him to jail.

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