Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick

Once it turns winter thousands of people get sick everyday. Lots of people get sick in the cold season (Winter) They spread their germs in many different ways, like sharing foods, touching things, coughing, sneezing and plenty more. It is also very easy to catch a virus or a disease. Here are some tips on how to not get sick.

One of the easiest ways of staying healthy is eating a balanced range of food. This means eating from the 5 food groups with a focus on fruits and vegetables. If you do that then your body will receive all the nutrients it needs to be in the best condition to fight off invading germs

Another way to prevent yourself from getting sick is............
Washing your hands frequently. This means washing your hands before and after eating making sure you use proper soap and firmly massage the soap between your fingers. It also means then dry your hands thoroughly with a clean towel. By following these steps you can avoid yourself from getting sick.

Another helpful way to help yourself from getting sick is to not accept food from a sick person. (example) If a sick person offers you a drink they have already drunk, you do not accept. Otherwise, you can drink it unless they haven’t drunk it.By using this technique you won’t have to worry about getting sick.

By using some of these smart techniques you won’t need to stress about getting sick and spreading germs around.

(This is my explanation writing, it is about how to prevent yourself from getting sick. My literacy class were individually working on there own writing. This is my explanation writing, hope you enjoy!)

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