Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Future Aspiration

This morning all seniors went to the street/class 1 and some special visitors were coming named, Jason, Alfred, Arizona, and Andrew. The Visitor arrived while we were singing Mihi Marae with Shane playing the guitar. A man named Andrew introduced himself to us and he told us what he does in a everyday life. He told us that he was going to America in a week with 12 students from Tamaki College, They are visiting Google, Apple, Microsoft, and lots more..

After everyone's speech there was a particular girl that I was inspired named Arizona Legar. she told us what her Aspiration was. She was just a typical girl that chats all the time., she always got told off by the teacher. She got put at one of the leaders but she didn’t know why? She asked her teacher and her teacher told her that she talks a lot. Then she moved schools and she got put as another leader. Once again she asked the teacher why, because you talk lots. Then she told us the quotes numbers.

1 tahi do your mahi, do your work, 2 lua today you are you, that is truer than true there is no one is alive that is youer than you. 3 to sun. 4 break down the door. 5 strive to stay alive. Then after they all stopped talking and we all left some group of girls went to ask Arizona some questions.

I think that it helped me I think that now I should stop following my friends and do I want to do and meant to do. Now I understand that if you don't want to go with your friends you can enjoy what you want.

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