Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

This morning all of our school went to assembly. Our topic for the term is Game On, all of the teachers has an item. Mr Jacobson told us and showed us two videos some were played in slow motion. On the stage was Miss Tito riding on a bike but the bike had the break in the front of the bike.

Team 1, they first played a video. The video was all about Commonwealth game. The teachers in team 1 were representing their country. So they were racing each other, even in different sports. Then the queen came along and told then some stuff about the Commonwealth games.

Meanwhile it was team 2 turn, they first did netball and they were participating in their team, Then they weren't in there groups. Since they were in the Commonwealth games they played all different sports. Like Javelin, Running, and Shot Put. Also Miss Mackendly a teacher has came back from years ago.

Then team 3 were doing sculptures out of mash potato. Miss Lavakula was too pretty to touch it or even make a sculpture. But one teacher got disqualified. Then they moved on to Shot Put and Miss Lavakula and Miss Ouano were too focused on the hands and they’re nails.

Then team it was time for team 4. They first played a movie about girls doing gymnastics. The team 4 teachers came up and did their moves and competed in Commonwealth games. They were all being a gymnast they had ribbons and hula hoops they also were trying to do the split. In real life I don't think they will get in Commonwealth games.

Team 5 played a movie, most of those teachers went to different countries. Miss Nua went to Spain to find out what they country does for a life. Miss Clark went to New York and found out lots of information that they do, and she saw Kim Kardashian and took a photo of her. Miss Quires went to Peru to find out that they play lots of Soccer/Football. Miss Tito went to Samoa just to visit the beautiful island and found out stuff about Samoa.

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