Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reading Explorers of the Sunrise

Explorers of the Sunrise


ancestors - Ancestors means your family before you

navigate - It means to sail on the ocean or the open

voyage - To travel on a long journey on the sea

archaeology - Its about human history

horizon - Its the earth’s surface and the sky join together

What is the article about?
It is all about a waka travelling along the ocean. It also took ten months to travel and the crew used traditional navigation methods all the way. Polynesian people whose ancestors voyaged eastwards from their homeland about 3000 years ago. Rapanui is a very small island and it sits alone in the ocean.

There are different names for this homeland but the common name is Hawaiki. They remember Hawaiki as a place of heroes. These islands were settled about 2000 years ago years ago. While travelling they only got a little sleep. The canoes were over 22 meters in length. Strong crossbeams joined the two hulls. The wind and the sea are very powerful, so the canoes had to be as strong as possible. No knew why the Polynesians started voyaging. Somewhere may have been seeking mana.

Where was the journey to?  Find a map online and draw the journey they took.
Screenshot 2014-08-28 at 8.19.58 PM.png
What did they use to navigate their way around?  What technology do we use now to help us navigate? A compass and now map

Look at the subheadings in the article and summarise the main idea in each subheading.

From the information in the article.  Use google draw and draw the waka.  Use the vocabulary in the article and label the diagram.

File this in your writing folder.

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