Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Prepared for School

Getting Prepared for School I wake up in the morning and I look directly at my clock to see what the time is, I also double check just in case my eyes are wrong. Then I clean my face, don’t worry I don’t dribble I actually try to get my sleep off. Then I get changed into my uniform. Then I brush my hair and I have my breakfast and brush my teeth, then walk to school. Once I pass my street I always see my friend Marama, we walk together until we both get to school. Then I see my other friend Nikki. We both wait until the bell rings because there’s boys that hang just around the corner of my class. When I walk into class I take my shoes off, Then start to do work. It’s morning tea time and I eat my lunch and then go to my friend Nikki. And thats how I get ready for school.

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