Friday, 31 October 2014

Visiting The Auckland Museum

The day after the long weekends the year 7's went on a trip to The Auckland Museum. Also, the year 8's went on their camp, so we were the role models for the week. So we all sat down in the street and the teachers called out what group we were in. Some parents came to volunteer, my Mum Shatna, Shannon, Vili, Barbara, Tamati, Sueanna and Stacey. In my group was Rave, Nikita, Moses, Faaiua, me and my Mum.

The two buses arrived and we went off to the Museum. Finally we arrived at the Auckland Museum. With excitement I was so happy that I couldn't wait until we could enter the museum. So I settled down and we sat down in the museum on the floor. Then we went up these stairs and went into the kai room. Then we left our bag in the cages.

So we ate about 10 - 15 minutes. We all went in our groups and our task was to each take photo's of all types of Art for 40 - 45 minutes. I had the camera first and I went into the Maori section of Art. We had to draw designs that were Maori, Pacific, Asia and more. So we all tried to stay up as a group but things happened differently and we all splitted up. I finished taking my photos and Rave started hers.

Then we all went back to the place we sat down and for a change we didn't eat in the kai room. While we were eating I heard that we weren't going to finish our tour around the Museum we were going to the Auckland Domain, outside the Museum. So again we had a task and the task was to follow the instructions on a piece of paper.

So Moses hogged the camera and started to look around and take photos. After that we had taken all the photos that we needed to and then boringly we waited for our bus to come back. The bus finally arrived and I was thanked. Here are some photos that we took.

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