Monday, 14 April 2014

Fia Fia Night

                  Fia Fia Night

Once I heard my group getting called up, my heart was beating so fast that butterflies were coming. When I heard the music going I literally ran anywhere. When thousands of people were looking I wish didn’t come. But while I was dancing I actually felt calmer, because I heard no put downs, well I couldn’t hear anyways. So I danced my hardest, well tried. Then I heard the music stop yahh! no more dancing.

While I was walking through the crowd lots of people were cheering for the Snr Hip Hop. I heard my Aunt calling my name so she came over just to say “Well done your performance was amazing” I told my Aunt that “Can you plz not, I don’t like compliments because I’m low self a steam. I only like it from my friends because their true”.

I smelt something coming from down the end I had 15$ and I really wanted to spend my money. So I went with my Mum to buy 5 candy floss which was 5$. I bought 4 drinks and some chicken curry, and it was all for me. The chicken curry was delicious I felt like scabbing some food off my Mum. After all that I went with my Cousin, Aunt and Sister to Mission Bay.

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