Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Roller Coaster

The sun was setting and a small little tree on a hill was blocking the view. My family came late at night to the Theme Park. My family came here because it was the holidays in Australia. In Melbourn, Glen Gray. There are millions of people who live here. So we decided to go on the less ridden rides. After that we got bored of these rides. The Theme Park closes down at 11pm and it was already 9pm so we have 2 hours left. We thought about going on the other rides but Daniel was too afraid of riding on them.

When we arrived at the place he was so scared. “stop being such a baby you're 22 years old.” Said Luke. “yeah” said Jai and Beau. “ok ill try but if I get scared I can get off right” Daniel said to the Janoskians. “We can probs tell the man to stop the ride.” “1 2 3.” said the Janoskians. “Daniel said I want to get off right now ahh!” The passengers said “no don’t stop the ride it’s fun.” The ride stopped “ohh! why Daniel why you’re such a little girl.” said Beau. “yes you are right I am a little girl acting like that lets do it.” Daniel said

Daniel was afraid that he would fall out of the roller coaster. “1 2 3” Daniel was finally a man now. He was so scared so he decided to hold on to something and he couldn't do that when he was a little girl. When he jumped off he felt brave. He finally conquered his scariest fare. “yay! I did it.” said Daniel. They went to another ride and he cried while he was on it. “not again.” “little girl.” said this random little girl. “it’s 11pm lets go.” said Jai. After that they went home while Daniel was having nightmares all about him falling off the roller coaster again and again.

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