Wednesday, 30 October 2013


There were two brothers that were farming together. Luke and Beau.
Luke and Beau were farming for their village. For example hay from the fields, wool from the sheep, milk from the cows, eggs from the chickens, bread from wheat and seeds that turn into rice. Beau is the main farmer. Beau’s wife plants the seeds which turns into rice.

Luke asked Beau if they should “give the cows more grass for more milk.” Luke asked “we should give the chickens more hay then we will get more eggs.” Beau asked “yes we can get more food for the villages then they can stop asking for more food.” said Luke excitedly. “We can also kill some animals for some more meat.” whispered Beau.

Luke went up to the sheep and cows and they slit the sheep head. But before Luke slit the sheep head he shaved the sheep. “i’ve got one I just need the ugly brown cow now. “A sheep and a cow can feed the whole village.” said Beau. “Yahh! were gonna be rich if sell some of our wool, meat, eggs, wheat and rice.”  said Luke.“we're gonna be rich!” Shouted out Beau. The village won’t be a so hungry and asking for more wool.  Then the whole village were celebrating all because of Beau and Luke.

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