Monday, 21 October 2013

My Fun Holidays

Our whole school got together in the hall to have a meeting with our Principal Mr Burt. Mr burt was finally finished talking about keeping safe in the holidays. All of Pt England School yelled out. “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” Then we all said our goodbyes to people.

The next day I went to Hoyts with my cousin Shaunie. We were watching the movie DESPICABLE ME 2. But first we brought some yummy treats from Hoyts. Shaunie only had 23$ dollars left so she brought some popcorn a soft drink and some chocolate. I only had 29$ dollars left I thought I would get some ice cream and popcorn.

When we arrived at our seats we had a perfect spot. We could hear people from the bottom and they said “Shut up you stupid now watch the movie.” Said Anonymous person. “SHH!.” Said people. When Despicable Me 2 started it was FUNNY :D. Everyone was laughing in the cinema. Gru’s Minions were fighting and fighting it was hilarious. It was up to the part when it got a little boring so Shaunie went for a little nap. It’s over :’(

Then my Aunt Tanya came on the 6th of October. Now the reason she came is so she can hang out with my brother and sister. When she came we went to Sylvia Park to ANZ. Then my Aunt took us to Reduce To Clear and I snuck a drink into the trolley -_-.

My Aunt got from Sub Ways seafood and it was yummy for her. My brother got chicken teriyaki and I did also. My sister got meatballs. After that we went to the why not shop. And we got lots of lollies and chocolates. “is’nt that just yum. Then we went back home then.............

She ask us if we wanted to go to the night markets in Glenfield. We grabbed lots of food it was yum. Then we pasted the Vector Arena where Rihanna she is a famous person. Then on the way home we went to Kiwi Ow it’s nice it’s yogurt. Then went home :P and i also i watched the cabin in the woods.

         The End Bye

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