Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Docking Day

Aunt Mollie pulled the covers off Mikey and me. Aunt Mollie said “hurry up or else you will be here and the van won’t.” The kids were getting dressed, had some toast and bring their sack with them. When they went into the car it was too small all because of the basket and the aunt. The aunt was the fastest and she made the kids into ants.

The only reason why they chop the tails off of the animals. Is because to keep it clean and to stop the flies from laying eggs. Only the grown ups can do the docking but the kids will do a little. But most of the time they would roll down hills and chase the rabbits. They would think of mad games to play.

Aunt Mollie baked some biscuits, bread, Pies and Cakes yesterday. When they were finished working they could have a big feed. When they arrived the van was going all bumpy and they parked at the end of the farm near the sea. Uncle Tama parked under a tree.

The dogs started to do their work. All the way down the other side. All the sheep went down the hill like magots. The sheep were getting louder and louder. The mother sheep were getting worried about where their babies were. It was like a big dot. A chocolate delivery van stopped. The man from the van came out and took pictures of the sheep.

The noise was so loud they couldn't hear each other. So they screamed and yelled like seagulls. “chase them into the yard said Uncle Tama.” “hurry said Tama. Uncle Tama closed the gate. Mikey step back and watched the mother sheep find her baby sheep. I was nearly quiet.

Then something you would dream about. A noise came up of the hill. A heavy thud it sounds like metal wire snapping. We looked up into the sun. The man from the van wasn't taking any more photos. He waved his arm and jumped up and down. The chocolate van rolled over the hill and all of the chocolate fell out of the van. The van flattened the fence. Aunty Mollie was getting ready for our big feed. Aunt stood there and her wide mouth came out.

The man was slipping and sliding down the hill. That's when the kids noticed that the boxes of chocolate came out. Chocolate scattered everywhere. There were shiny packets of chocolates. The kids yelled out "yeeha." They were running like rabbits. There were more chocolate then they ever imagined. The kids were going wild and crazy.

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