Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blind Fold obstacle Couse

Last Monday room 15 went to the hall for some fun my partner was Meleane.
Mr Marks said to us that we all have to do the hole curse it looked tricky and I'm shore that it is.
I was nervous because I didn't think that I could do it. But I had a try the first object it felt like walking on a plank SCARY!!!. The ropes felt like snakes luckily I didn't fall over. The two rugby tackle bags we had to go over it. I had to do a zigzag all around the cones I was shore dizzy. I went under the tart pollen the matrices
that what I had to go on. The stears was tricky because I was blind folded and I jumped on the high jump.


Annliz said...

Hey Keis you have done a great job.
I really like your writing.
I know that it was struggling it was so, so hard.
keep up the awesome work!!!

Room 15 said...

Hi Keis I really like your writing on your blog I like your picture about the opstackle couse.

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