Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pt Englands School Picnic

Last Friday PT England School went down to the Reserve to have some fun. We were there at last, yeah! Mr Burt told us where we could sit.

I ran to the groyne and I hopped on it and two teachers told us to get off. So we just went to go find some clay. The clay was sticky and yuck.

It was finely morning tea so I raced down to get my picnic and gobbled it all up. YUM!!!

I ran back to play with the sand and find some shells. Sarona and Sislia came from the groyne and I said to Sarona and Sislia "do you want to find some shells". Well I didn't expect them to say no but they said yes.

I heard Mr J say there's free fruit come and help your self. It was nearly home time most of us were yawning. Ooh well we will come back next year.

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Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Keis,
Your writing is very interesting to read. I like how you've explained what you did at the picnic. Did you swim at the picnic?

From Miss Lavakula

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