Friday, 3 February 2012

My first post

Hello my name is Keis and im in room fifteen. I am also a year five.
I am looking forward to going back to school .

I cant wait to go to camp beacause I like camping its awsome. Im going to try to play some baseball I love it.

Glee is what im looking forward to because you get to do dancing
and I like dancing. I cant wait to go to the field trips its going to be fun .

Productions are not my thing but I like watching it.


Muamua said...

Hi Keis,

It's me Mua I really love that you put intrasting words an by the way I liked the you said camping rocks any way I'm really,really sorry about room twelve.

LOVE Muamua.l

Deserae said...

Hi keis that is good I wish that was my work you are so pretty I wish i was you because you are pretty.

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