Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Keis get lost

We did get lost it was a competition over on miss Owanos team and us the respect stars. Mr Jacobson said you can start NOW. So every one just ran off and went to go find some clue our group was Grace, Charlie, Meleane, Annliz and Me. Our first clue we found was next to the gum tree that was at the beach. We had to read it and then take a pitcher of it because we cant take it. We had to go to the the side of the dental clinic we had to draw with black,white,blue. We had to draw it on half on your face we where all Shaw colourful. we take a pitcher of it and we had to go to miss gardens area. On the table was the clue but first we had to drink a cup of water up side down. Grace and Charlie did it at a time it looked hard I didn't want to do it miss Muliaumasealii gave us the glue. We had to go to the bridge where the duck pond at the back the GI pools. There was five of us here and we had to mack a pyramid it was tricky. We ran back and to school Charlie had to dress in a silly thing on. It was all over and it was the most coolest game in the world.

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