Monday, 4 November 2013

My Test

Early in the morning the sun was rising and a huge dawn redwood tree was blocking the farmers view. The farmers were always cross about the tree. Beau looked at Luke and Jai crazy and said “hey why don’t we cut down that tree” “yeah!” said Luke. “NO!!!” said Jai. But one thing that Luke and Beau don’t know about the dawn redwood tree it’s haunted.

On that night Beau and Luke Snuck out their room and went to get the chainsaw. As they were walking slowly getting closer to the tree they heard “don’t cut it down” In a creeper voice said Anena. Luke and Beau said “leave us alone Jai” Luke and Beau heard Anena's voice again “don’t cut the tree down or else I will cut you down” Luke started to get scared but Beau went to the tree and started chopping it down.

Beau stopped cutting down the tree because Anena had already gotten into him and possessed him. Luke didn’t know. Beau started the chainsaw up and started to chase Luke. “what are you doing stop it” said Luke. Anena said “it’s too late you can’t stop me” Jai heard all of the racut and ran outside to stop Anena. Jai said “stop it!” Beau sliced off Luke’s head and laughed. Then Jai was running away from the ghost and tripped over. Beau catched up but Jai hid in the bush then ran to his neighbors and then reported it to the police.

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