Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Leaning About Kawua Island

Camp Benzon on Kawau Island

Use these 2 sites to answer questions and present on your blog:

WALT: find information from several sites about our upcoming camp at Kawau Island.
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1. Which cove or harbour is Camp Benzon  in? (clue - Find a map of the island)

2. Copy an image of Kawau Island (a map)  showing the cove or harbour our camp is in.  
3. How many kilometres from the mainland is Kawau Island? (clue - Look at travel information)
4. Where do you catch the ferry from (what town) to get to Kawau? (clue - Look at travel information) Sandspit.

5. List 6 activities you can do at camp. (clue - Look camp activities) Sports, Adventure Playground, Fitness Trial, Swimming and Walking.

6. Find out (google) what a ‘burma trail’ is. (clue - search in google)
Rope trial in the bushes.

7. Find images of 5 native birds common to Kawau island and label them.  (clue - search in flora and fauna on the kawau site - fauna means animals) Kauri Bark, Silver Ferns, Kidney Fern, Star Fungi, Coral FUngi and Pohutukawa Flower.

8. How many kayaks are there? (clue - Look camp activities) 24

9. Look at the images in the photo gallary and copy in one picture you are excited about. Write a sentence to explain what you are excited about and why. I would love to go kayaking in Kawau Island because last camp we went kayaking.

10. What is the main (most predominant) native tree on Kawau (clue - search in flora and fauna on the kawau site - flora means plants) Kauri Bark

Learn Create Share

Using the information you have learned you are going to write a post about camp next week.
How you set out your post is up to you but include
* where the camp is
* what activities are there
* what you are most looking forward to and why
* some photos

I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island, because we are doing lots of activities, for example sports, swimming, orienteering, fitness trail and walking. My friends and I, Christian and Nikki are coming to Kawau Island with me :D After be have packed our backpacks we can go on the bus for 1 hour and a half. Then on the ferry about 1 hour and a half.

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