Friday, 13 March 2015

My Visual Mihi

This is my Visual Mihi. 
In the top left is The Book Of Mormon, and the reason why I have The Book Of Mormon is because I'm a Mormon. We have FHE (Family Home Evening) every Monday. The heavens are Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestail.

In the top right corner there is Maths. Maths is cool to me because I find it easier than Reading and Writing. Math is the best because I can learn lots of new stuff that I haven't even learnt.

In the bottom left corner it has New Zealand. I am from NZ and I Maori.

The last box remaining is music, I love music. If your stressed it's a solution that will help.

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Tyli said...

cool keis I like it. its very you Lol

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