Monday, 24 June 2013

Keis writing A Creative Narrative

There once lived a boy named wiley, wiley was turning 28 years old In 1 more day.  He sent invitations all to his friend’s some of his friends could not make it because they had way more important things to do. He sent some to his Mum & Dad. He had 1 but he could not think of anyone else.

At night time he bumped into a man named Kent, Kent Somerville he was so humble he didn’t even talk that much. They went to the bar to go have a drink. Wiley drove him home he lived  closest to his house then his family & friends.

When wiley invited Kent, when he arrived he got shot by........... to be continued

It is time to continue. People were crying and calling the police and the ambulance. But the power lines had been cut off and also the internet. The lights had been turned off by a magician. There was just silence but they heard laughing the people that didn’t want to come to his party would. DIE. They were scared none noes what happens now HAHAHAHA. :)

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