Monday, 8 April 2013

Pirate Story

Plan: Name: Captain Crusty Keis. Smelly, Ugly, Scary, Funny

Title: Captain Crusty Keis

Once upon a time there was a Smelly, ugly, scary, crazy and funny girl. She lived in Hawaii and her name is Captain Crusty Keis. She got her name from her father because he was a captain with captain james cook and he was crusty and he just added his name on. She was smelly like a oga and ugly just like the girl on scary maze.

She was so crazy she ate her sock and she talks to the seven seas. She was funny like a joke two days later she went to a village. She said to little boy that movie is rated arr hahaha she said with a big grin. When she was digging for treasure she found it and she spends it on treasure all the time how crazy is she?

One day she met a girl called Miss’ Somerville she said who are you little miss. Well I am Miss Did I say what's your name no so shh. Can you hear that I think it’s a cannon ball ahh!!! The enemies are coming. So we attack then yay.

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