Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Keis' Christmas

In Two more weeks it’s going to be christmas. I’m going to invite my whole family. They're going to bring presents i’m buying the presents for my cousins too. My family and I are having a roast chicken and some vegetables. For desert where having ambrosia and lollies even a banana cake that’s written on merry christmas.

After that we all are going to go to the pt england beach and play around. We will bring our togs and we will splash in the water and do coffen bombs. When it’s about we will all head back home and have a open our presents.

When we get back home we will open them I hope  I get money and lots of glowing sparkles even swag pants . The next day we're going to the waiwera pools even rainbow zen and the hoyts. To watch arthur the christmas. Then after that we all have carls junior or MCDonalds or Burger king and go home.

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Marama said...

hi keis its Marama,
I like your story and your picture.did you draw that picture?

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