Thursday, 1 November 2012

Haunted House on Halloween

There once was a boy named Rayden he was 10 years old and he was moving and tomorrow was halloween. When Rayden saw his house he was stoked but there was a cemetery at the back of the house. A little girl named Susan died in the house because someone killed her with a chainsaw. When he saw his room there was cobwebs and creepy crawlies Susan died in this room Rayden is going to sleep in da room for the rest of his life.

When it was finally halloween he was happy he went trick or treating and he was dressed up on scary movie 1. But he heard a noise Rayden follow me Rayden. Mum said to Rayden stop making that noise and cut it out. Rayden said its not me mum mum said WHAT!!!  Come on son let's go trick or cheating rayden said no thanks i’m going to cheek out that noise.The end.

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