Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cross Country

Last week on friday the 18th of August all of the school went to the cross Country race. Mr Burt clap his two wood and then I went running off. I was so tired until I saw people saying go on you can do it in a loud voice. Sarah caught up to me then I started to sprint.

The track was so muddy I was about to slip but I didn’t. I looked down and I saw how high we were I luckily I wasn’t scared. Me and Broneq were racing each other and I said to Broneq were nearly there.

We were finally near to the finish line I was so happy that I was nearly done. Me and Broneq were running so fast I beat her.

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Josephine said...

Well done Keis,

You must be tired from all that sprinting and all that hard work. Its great that you got a chance to beat broneq. I loved your story.

Keep up the good work

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