Friday, 11 May 2012

Keis'- Swimming Lessons

Do you like swimming?

This week in room fifteen we have been going to the GI Swimming pool. We finally arrived we all rushed over to the showers. We all got put into a group. I entered the pools it was warm I went underneath the water.

Our instructor told us to do arm circles we were all in two lines. I went first and I was nervous when I was swimming I was doing pretty well. When I got to the end of the pool we had to go back. When I got back to the start other people were swimming past me.

We all had to hold our breath under the water I was only watching them I didn't do it because it looked boring annliz won it.

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Mr Marks said...

Well done Keis. You have done well recounting your experience at swimming. I like that you are explaining what happened using more detail which makes your writing more interesting.

Your challenge for next time is to try and begin your sentences in different ways.

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