Tuesday, 24 April 2012

going to Australia

Would you ever go to Australia?. In the holidays me and my Nan went Australia to see my baby cousin , Uncle and my aunt in sydney. She was born just before my uncle.
but we only stayed there for two days because my Aunt was getting married. when it was my last day we went to the movies to see lorax. It was the most coolest movie in the world. After the movies me and my Nan we went back to New Zealand.

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Mr Marks said...

I am very jealous Keis. I wish I had been lucky enough to go to Sydney.

Well done for completing your first piece of writing this term. I like that you have included a hook and used a question to add variety to the types of sentences you have.

I would like you to make sure that you read your writing out aloud next time while editing. This is so that you can see if it makes sense and that you have used all of the words you need.

Also please check that you have full capital letters for names and the first word after a full stop.

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